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So you have decided to open a coffee shop

That’s great news! At this early stage, you may be overwhelmed with decisions, from areas within your expertise to those well outside it. Unfortunately, days are limited to 24 hours, so it is unrealistic to be expected to learn new skills—and to find the time to employ them—while managing the various threads of a business. What you need, then, is an advisory committee, one staffed by veterans of the coffee industry, such as we have assembled here at Prima.

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    Expert Business Consulting

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Matt Stevenson

Our director of sales, matt stevenson, has worked in the coffee industry for over a decade. his experience ranges from commercial sales to cafe management. he has overseen full cafe build-outs and even competed in the latte art competition circuit back in his barista days. matt and his team will be able to help you in any stage of your commercial needs to get the best results for your budget and see a profitable return from your purchase.

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Join the Industry Professional's Space in the Prima Coffee Community

If you're currently working in the coffee industry then we invite you to join this exclusive [FREE] section of the Prima Coffee Community only for industry professionals. In this space, we chat about the unique joys and challenges that come with working in the coffee industry, share resources, host virtual hangouts, and create networking opportunities to help grow your career in specialty coffee. We would love to have you join! Just fill out the form below and a member of our team will get back to you shortly. 

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LeaseQ Financing

Prime Coffee Equipment has partnered with LeaseQ to provide lease-to-own financing options to our valued customers.

Through equipment lease financing, you're able to make set monthly payments while recouping the costs as you operate the equipment, all without stretching your cash flow.

LeaseQ’s food and beverage team's dedication to understanding our industry paired with their commitment to providing standout customer service has made them a leader in the equipment financing space.

Financing is available for transactions anywhere from $500 – millions.

Fill out the form below to find out what you qualify for or contact our LeaseQ Account Manager, Jason Moore, at (508)-644-6412 or

5 Reasons to Get a Quote Today:

  1. Instant quotes — no waiting
  2. No obligation to apply — get quotes as often as you like
  3. Our soft credit pull means no impact on your personal credit
  4. Broadest credit window available — competitive rates from A++ to D-
  5. Specialists help Startups and Challenged Credits — for FREE

Apply with LeaseQ Today!


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